Nagano Prefecture's largest trampoline park, where your body and mind will bounce

Hakuba's indoor playground where you can learn while having fun moving your body

Jump, play, and spin with your family and friends at this popular trampoline park, regardless of age or experience! Why don't you enjoy the feeling of weightlessness while playing and challenge your dream technique?

You can also use the versatility of the trampoline in Hakuba Village, the mecca of winter sports, for next-generation skiing, snowboarding, and popular parkour training!






Release your body! !!

HakuBounce Team introduces the potential of trampolines






We will introduce the perfect plan for each purpose

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Q & A

Answer customer questions in an easy-to-understand manner

This is my first trampoline, is it okay?
HakuBounce is a facility for beginners, so you can jump for the first time without overdoing it. However, trampolines are a potentially dangerous sport and always carry the risk of serious accidents, including death. In particular, nev...
Do you have a changing room, locker or shower room?
There are changing rooms and lockers, but no shower.
How old are you?
There is no age limit, but the use of children under 3 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian.
Do attendees / guardians pay?
Attachment / parents who do not jump can enter for 500 yen. It is possible to play with children in the action area. (No time limit)
Is there a parking lot?
Yes. We have a parking lot for 20 cars on the store premises Please refrain from idling for the environment.

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Store name



22736 Kamishiro, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano 399-9301

telephone number
business hours

Reception hours 9:00-18:00

*Closed on Tuesdays

Regular holiday

Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a public holiday, the following day will be closed)



HakuBounce, an amusement facility recommended for those who come to the Hakuba area for sightseeing, is located in a convenient location that is easy to access by private car or public transportation. Everyone from children to adults, from beginners to veterans, can fully enjoy it, so please use it if you are interested in trampolines and survival games.


Please drop in at HakuBounce, a popular tourist spot in Hakuba

When you come to Hakuba for sightseeing, go to HakuBounce, a new type of amusement facility.

The Hokushin area in Nagano prefecture is known as an area where winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are popular, and many people from Japan and abroad visit every year. HakuBounce, an amusement facility that is attracting attention as a spot that families can enjoy to their heart's content, from infants and toddlers to adults, is equipped with a wide variety of trampolines and fluffy soccer fields. Since it is an all-weather facility that can be enjoyed indoors, you can enjoy it without worrying about it even on rainy or snowy days, and it is gaining popularity as a facility where you can play with confidence even in seasons other than winter, including going back and forth between skiing and snowboarding. I will.
There is a net to prevent popping out around the trampoline stretched on the floor, and a thick mat is also installed on the spring part beside the trampoline, so you can jump with peace of mind and enjoyment. The layout has endless possibilities, such as kicking the wall next to the trampoline with your foot to create interesting techniques, jumping from the trampoline into the sea of sponges, and ramming the trampoline on the wall. Please experience the zero gravity space once.

Hakuba is attracting attention as a tourist spot for families

If you're wondering "where should we go next weekend" or "is there a facility that everyone, including small children, can enjoy?", Please come to the popular amusement spot with a trampoline park and a fluffy soccer field. Trampolines are becoming popular as playground equipment that anyone from children to adults can easily play if their legs are healthy, and they do not require difficult techniques and can create various jumping methods and techniques with flexible ideas. I will. It is also known as an exercise method that is useful for training the core and inner muscles, and it is said that training the core has many merits in activating basal metabolism and improving athletic ability. It is
Children's balls are also available on the fluffy soccer field on the premises. You should be able to enjoy the time when you can feel the excitement and excitement of the five senses by dividing the team into teams and playing against each other. We will pay close attention to safety, and the staff will carefully tell you how to use and play, so please come and join us.